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Based on online data we've generated unique scores to benchmark companies as employer. Wondering how well your company is doing? And what the impact of Covid has been on your employer brand? 

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About Anne & Donja

#Fantistics is founded by Anne Jaakke & Donja van Laarhoven. Anne has had a proven career as an award-winning Global HR Director around Europe and Australia. She is known for her ability to drive change in organizations by creating popular companies from the inside out and is a sparring partner for HR directors and business leaders worldwide. Donja has devoted her career to innovate the HR space in companies and utilizing the online world to the benefit of Recruitment & Engagement.
Together they work magic for companies who want to innovate hr practices, improve their employer brand and have a great candidate & employee journey. 

Curious how they can help you make magic in your company?

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What do jobseekers actually think of you? Don't we all want to know?

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Is your experience fit to hire and retain your talent?
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Every company is different, we'll create next steps based on your needs.
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Employer Brand & Reputation Benchmark

What do jobseekers actually think of you? Don't we all want to know? Let us step into the shoes of your future jobseeker and let us assess your:

  • Career site
  • Social media presence
  • Review & Ratings
  • Online profiles of your Leadership & HR team
  • And benchmark all of this to 2 of your competitors!

And present:

  • A customized improvement plan with quick wins & big wins
  • A convincing business case in a management presentation

Florien de Nijs

CHRO Exact - Global

"an absolute game-changer"

It’s been an absolute game-changer for me and my HR & Recruitment team to work with #Fantistics. The insights from the online assessment acts as the business case for change and immediately made our CEO a sponsor. The improvement plan gave all the recommendations the recruitment team needs to transform their traditional ways of working and enter a new era of recruitment. We want to be the number one choice in a highly competitive talent landscape. That means we in HR need to master a new skill; employer branding and social media recruiting... The team of #Fantistics is a breath of fresh air, lots of fun, and a world of expertise all-in-1. Growing the online popularity of Exact among passive and active jobseekers, improving our online employer branding, and helping us innovate our candidate journey was on my wish list from day 1. #Fantistics helps make it happen by sharing their expertise with our internal teams through masterclasses and their consultancy empowers us to make the dream a reality. I am a big Fan of Donja & Anne and am excited to work together sharing our passion to create

an amazing employer brand and candidate experience for Exact.

Candidate Experience Audit

    To hire and retain the best talent, a great candidate experience is key! If you want to say goodbye to outdated and slow people processes and hello to a time to hire of less than a month, let us build your ultimate business case to convince your management. We'll assess:

    • Your recruitment process (efficiency & expertise)
    • Candidate journey from vacancy to onboarding
    • Advertisement strategy
    • KPI's
    • Mystery application

    And deliver your business case including:

    • Customized improvement plan with quick wins & big wins
    • A convincing management presentation
    • Vendor day to present to you several HR tech tools to speed up your process

Custom Consultancy Program

Every company is different and with our years of experience, we know how to assess what your company needs first. Based on our assessment, we'll provide you with a custom consultancy plan to help you up to speed within a month.


  • Our well known Inpiration workshop for your team
  • EVP & Persona workshops to define your employer brand
  • Strategic Employer branding sessions to create an execution plan
  • Vendor day to present to you several HR tech tools to speed up your proposal
  • Perfect Linkedin profile workshop for your leadership team, HR & workforce
  • How to create brand ambassadors workshop
  • Get your team up to speed with our learning crash course


#Fantistics | Success Model

During our assessment, we use this model as our roadmap. By covering the 8 steps (in random order) you will become the employer of choice online. Attract the right future talent faster, get the image you always wanted, and have (ex)employees as brand ambassadors.

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Excited but struggling to convince your management to invest? Or don't you know how and where to start? We understand where you're coming from so we built the ultimate business case for you!

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