Employer branding & Reputation Certification

You are 4 learning modules away from becoming your company's employer branding expert


Do you want to crack the code on how best to optimise the online reputation of your company as an employer so you can easily attract talent even in a difficult labour market?

Do you want to know how you make your work even more fun? How you can easily enrich your current expertise?

How you can make an impact and get better results with new HR actions YOU undertake?

Meet the experts, Anne & Donja

Donja van Laarhoven & Anne Jaakke van #Fantistics

This online employer branding masterclass is a product of #Fantistics.

#Fantistics helps HR leaders and their teams to improve their online reputation as an employer brand and easily attract more talent.

Anne Jaakke (CHRO of the year 2016),  Donja van Laarhoven (Employer Reputation Consultant) and their team, offer products and services to support HR teams to make this happen! In the Employer Branding & Reputation Masterclass we share the secrets. We put years and years of experience and in- depth research in a 60-minute interactive, practical and fun experience! We really want to help you enhance your career and lead the change within.

4 learning modules, in 60 minutes


1.Why Employer Reputation & Branding is so important?

HR = Marketing. To recruit the right talent fast, it is important to create an employer brand that your ideal future employee feels attracted to and wants to belong to. In this masterclass you will learn why online reputation and building a strong employer brand are so important and how you, as a HR professional, can shape your company's employer brand online without the help of your marketing team.

2. Improve your online presence and build your business case

To attract the right employees, you need to be visible! We give you the tips & tricks to know exactly how and where you need to be visible to reach your ideal employee and build your business case for change! Because without a proper return on investment, it's impossible to convince your manager!

3. Tools for your actionplan

By the end of this masterclass you will have everything: the knowledge AND a concrete action plan. No vague upgrades or having to look for the next steps yourself. The ready-to-use checklist is applicable to any organization and allows you to start the work right away!

4. Best practices

Our years of experience and research have ensured that we know exactly what works and what doesn't. This masterclass is full of examples that can inspire you and help you to make choices for your company. Sometimes it's just great to be able to learn from others, without having to figure it all out yourself.

Interactive and unique content

We understand better than anyone that you don't want to watch endless videos and texts to get to the core. That is why this masterclass has been set up interactively and mobile-first, so that you learn as quickly as possible with fun exercises in betweento put it into practice!

Certified Employer Branding & Reputation Expert!

At the end of the masterclass you will receive an official certificate for your participation in this masterclass and of course you can also use it on LinkedIn to enrich your profile! This way everyone can see that you have developed these unique HR skills.

Ready to become an Employer Branding Online Expert?