#Fantistics enters into a strategic partnership with Tasper.
20 September 2020 
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#Fantistics enters into a strategic partnership with Tasper.

#Fantistics enters into a strategic partnership with Tasper to build the newest innovation in HR together.

Anne Jaakke, former global HR Director at Hunkemöller, together with millennial and online expert Donja van Laarhoven founded #Fantistics in February of this year. This was 3 weeks before Covid-19 got a hold off the Netherlands.

“The idea arose when, as HR Director at Hunkemoller, I accidentally found out that a YouTube video of a disgruntled employee had gone viral … 70,000 views and I knew nothing about it.” says Anne Jaakke. “I realized that social media influences your employer brand 24/7 and indirectly also your company’s popularity amongst current employees and customers. In 2020, posts, ratings & reviews from both current and former employees determine the image of your company and most HR departments are not yet set up and prepared for this at all”.

“HR & IT meets social media”

#Fantistics has found a great partner in Tasper.  In the collaboration between Fantistics and Tasper, unique HR expertise comes together with software development and data services. “HR & IT meets social media”. Rodney Schwartz, Founder of Tasper speaking “I am also an HR ChangeMaker myself and I founded Tasper 20 years ago to develop software that enables companies to get an innovative grip on the flexible terms of employment they offer their employees. The fact that both companies focus on HR as a customer has the advantage that we can not only share our unique knowledge and network, but also offer our customers a lot of new insight and multiple solutions, ”says Martijn Klep, Tasper’s Operations Director.

In addition, the online popularity as an employer is also often influenced by the happiness of staff about their terms & conditions, so a partnership between Tasper and #Fantistics adds even more value to our customers.

“New HR mindset and modern tools”

Tasper and Fantistics have common values, the same passion and an identical mission: to help HR teams transform and modernize into a new HR era in which innovation and contributing to commercial results is key. This requires a new HR mindset and a set of modern tools. Something that both parties are committed to design and deliver.

#Fantistics expects to launch the Fantistics dashboard in the first quarter of 2021.
The dashboard shows the popularity of the employer brand of companies and provides advice on how to improve your online positioning as an employer. A topic that is more relevant than ever thanks to the rapid adoption of online working because of Covid-19 and new generations for which, more than ever, social media and online reviews influence the choice for a new employer.

“The impact of Corona on online popularity as an employer”

With providing popularity scores per social media platform, positive and negative trends and insights into areas of improvement, Fantistics offers a solution to measure the success of HR and delivers insights that cannot be found single-handedly. “We are now even investigating whether we can incorporate the impact of Corona on online popularity into the dashboard,” says Donja van Laarhoven, co – founder of #Fantistics.

As your online popularity is a reflection of how great a place to work your company really is, the dashboard serves as an excellent business case for seeking investment and management support. It also provides focus and strategic insight into where opportunities to improve lie and even shows how the (lack of) presence of management on social media  influences the employer brand.

Only 5% of all HR and recruitment teams have the right knowledge when it comes to utilizing social media to win the war for talent, build internal brand ambassadors and reduce time to hire significantly.
We are proud to announce that we have developed an unique certification training called “FanMaker” to address this lack of HR expertise as soon as possible. This fantastic master program gives HR employees all the new knowledge to get started in an enthusiastic way in order to give the online popularity of their company a mega boost without expensive consultancy costs or involvement needed from the manager. The effects of the initiatives can then be measured by the statistics provided via the dashboard – a win win.

“I really put all my personal knowledge and international experience into it,” says Anne Jaakke. “As a former CHRO of the Year I have an enormous reputation to uphold and that’s what I do with the development of this unique training”. As a demanding millennial and former talent manager at a Tech start-up, Donja knows better than anyone how to pass on knowledge with passion. “So 100% money-back guarantee” Anne laughs.

The winter looks bright for the #Fantistics team and its customers.


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