20 May 2020 
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Companies believe that social media marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill by 2020.

Not sure where I found the quote, but I so agree with it. 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search and I believe only 5% of all HR teams focus on social media professionally. And my guestimate is that only 1% have a KPI in place to measure their social media management skills.

My journey with Fantistics started when I had that moment of awareness that as a Global HR Director I wasn't paying attention on what was happening “out there”, I was fully consumed with what was happening internally. I trusted my team to have an eye out on things while managing the recruitment process. I hadn't even defined what things and an eye out meant…

I just finished a board meeting regarding all our global Marketing activities and it was mind blowing. Really good stuff! But all focussed on the customer….hmmm. It raised a question in my head on who is really responsible for company messages towards job seekers and current employees. Who need to make sure these messages appeal to them. From photo materials to slogans. Who creates posts that make our current employees feel proud about where they work and who they work for? Who ensures our social media platforms also have company pages that reflect us as a great place to work and attract the ideal future candidates? Who is working on videos, materials, blogs and vlogs that are specifically designed to improve the employer brand not the customer brand. Is there an internally defined employee persona, are we keeping him/her in mind when designing our processes? What type of visuals and imagery appeal to her/him?

And so I created a tsunami of questions in my own head. I am sure when you have a moment to think about how things are organized in your company you might end up having the same questions pop up.

I came to the following conclusion. Marketing focuses externally – on the customer, HR focuses internally – on the employee. There is a gap when we focus internally on the customer and externally on the employee. Do you still follow me?

It means that a whole new HR skill set needs to be further developed to close this GAP.

HR teams need to learn, grow their (online) expertise, manage not only an internal reality but also an external perception. HR needs to embrace social media and it's power. But how to do all of this? I found another gap…this was why I founded Fantistics. To give entrepreneurs, management teams and HR professionals the expertise to grow their companies Fan Statistics.

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On a mission to help entrepreneurs, management teams, hr & marketing professionals to create companies we all love. Both customers & (ex) employees. Here to inspire, energise and support personal leadership (team) transformation and share expertise on how to create great customer and employee experiences that boost (online) popularity, create raving fans and beat the competition. In 2016 Anne was the winner of the CHRO Award of the year in the Netherlands. In 2017 she won the German Stevie Award for best HR Director Germany and in 2018, 2019 and 2020 Anne was responsible for Hunkemöller receiving the Top employer certification in both The Netherlands and Germany. ‍She passionately believes that great leaders power great people. Great people power great companies. Great companies deliver a great customer and employee experience. Everybody deserves a great leader and a great place to work! www.fantistics.eu www.annejaakke.com
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